Our productions are the result of incredible diligence. In lending a thoughtful ear, we create experiences tailored to you, your guests, and your event needs. Without ever compromising aesthetics, we create an ambience to foster profound connection. What’s said is indeed true - the devil is in the details.


The Power     Connection

With each event as an original masterpiece, our work is intentionally designed to honor

With each event
as an original masterpiece, our work is intentionally designed to honor

At Madix & Co

A true pause*

about us

we ask you
to take a pause. 

* yes, we’ll wait

With us by your side,
there’ll never be a dull moment.

A pause to revel in the present,
to embrace yourself in all that surrounds you,
and celebrate this beautiful thing we call, life. 

With over a decade of event planning experience in the San Francisco Bay Area, Kaella is recognized for her unwavering commitment to excellence. Her keen eye for experiential design and detail results in unparalleled execution, bespoke to the needs of her clients. Kaella credits her aesthetic sensibilities to her daily life in San Francisco, a pairing of evocative art and urban living, her travels abroad, and her ever-evolving romance with nature.

Beyond Madix & Co. you can find her around the city, getting to know local businesses and building relationships with members of her local community and caring for her boys, Beau and Asher.

Connecting and curating are truly her raison-d’être! Her favorites? Wine, travel, dinner parties…and teaching fitness! 

kaella madix

xo, kaella

Owner & Planner

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Kayli’s power in precision and planning is showcased in the implementation of all the creative, technical and logistical elements of our events. As Production Manager, she combines her aptitude for organization with a creative background to provide clients with a uniquely styled production.

In her free time, Kayli enjoys the art of cocktail making, food styling, and social media influencing, yes Instagram Reels are her second calling, and playing with her German Shepherds.

kayli atha

xo, Kayli

Production Manager

on a final note...

M & Co. stays active in the collective pursuit of diversity and inclusion. As a business, and as individuals, we welcome clients, employees and fellow vendors of all races, colors, religions, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, special needs, or disability. We’re honored to serve you.